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Product Information

  • Overview Newton 16+4 adds 4 auxiliary analog inputs and outputs while Newton 16+8 adds 8 auxiliary analog Inputs and outputs. Each analog input is also provided with additional processing and matrix allowing inputs to be processed, routed and mixed into the main matrix. All three versions of Newton share the same motherboard and it is possible to upgrade from Newton 16 to Newton 16+4 or Newton 16+8.

Outline Newton

Newton advances the management of sophisticated audio systems by combining new filter technology, multi-format audio signal routing, multi-format standards conversion and digital signal synchronisation in a single 1RU networkable chassis.

All processed signals and direct outputs can be routed out of Newton using any of the available audio standards. This, as just one example, would allow signals to be received over MADI, processed and then transmitted to multiple amplifiers on Dante with an AES3 output for backup. This direct out, processing and routing ability can also be used to create a backbone for a multiple Newton Network to share signals.

Internal processing is all at 96 kHz, with an internal data depth up to 64 bits. In each processing section users have precise control over Level, Delay, Polarity and Raised Cosine Filters (implemented within WFIR Equalisers), all functions that are required to manage and optimize a loudspeaker system.
While Newton 16 is an all-digital device, Newton 16+4 and Newton 16+8 add the useful capability of local analog inputs and outputs.

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