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R400a – Diversity Receiver - Rocky Mountain Sound Light & Video

Product Information

  • Digital Hybrid Wireless® (U.S. Patent #7,225,135) Example Theme Customize
  • SmartSquelch™ Example Theme Customize
  • SmartDiversity™ Example Theme Customize
  • SmartTune™ for auto frequency selection Example Theme Customize
  • 256 selectable UHF frequencies Example Theme Customize
  • RF-controlled digital noise filters Example Theme Customize
  • Low noise, Robust RF Front End Example Theme Customize
  • DSP-based pilot tone Example Theme Customize
  • Graphics type backlit LCD display Example Theme Customize
  • Independent balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4-inch audio outputs Example Theme Customize
  • Compatibility modes for use with analog transmitters Example Theme Customize

R400a – Diversity Receiver

Digital Hybrid Wireless® Diversity Receiver

he R400a is a high performance, triple-conversion, frequency synthesized, UHF receiver fully compatible with all Lectrosonics 400 series transmitters, and a number of analog models. The proprietary audio processing includes a DSP (digital signal processor) for very low distortion and a superior signal to noise ratio. The DSP eliminates a compandor and its artifacts to provide exceptional audio quality when operating in its native hybrid mode. Special DSP algorithms also provide compatibility modes for use with Lectrosonics 100 and 200 Series analog transmitters.

The R400a features a powerful menu-driven LCD graphic display operated with a push-button switch and a dual function rotary encoder control as a convenient means of viewing and altering settings. The LCD main window displays the pilot tone indicator, diversity antenna activity, RF and audio levels, operating frequency, transmitter frequency switch settings and transmitter battery status. Settings can be changed using the MENU functions. A built-in RF spectrum analyzer is included to conduct site surveys to find interference-free operating frequencies. The analyzer quickly tunes the receiver across its 256 frequencies and records a marker on the LCD indicating the strength of any RF signals picked up. Within less than a minute, a complete display is generated showing the RF activity across the entire tuning range of the receiver. An area with little or no RF activity is then easy to locate and select.

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