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Venue2 Digital Hybrid Reciever - Rocky Mountain Sound Light & Video

Product Information

  • Six-channel modular configuration Example Theme Customize
  • Ratio or Antenna Phase diversity reception Example Theme Customize
  • 3-block tuning for up to 76 MHz and 3072 synthesized UHF frequencies per receiver module Example Theme Customize
  • IR port for quick transmitter setup Example Theme Customize
  • DSP emulation modes for compatibility with analog wireless systems in addition to the Digital Hybrid mode Example Theme Customize
  • iQ™ dynamic tracking filters for enhanced RF performance Example Theme Customize
  • Wireless Designer™ setup and control software included Example Theme Customize
  • Talkback function with select transmitters Example Theme Customize
  • Ethernet, USB and RS-232 computer interface ports Example Theme Customize

Venue2 Digital Hybrid Reciever

Lectrosonics Venue2 Digital Hybrid 6-Channel Receiver

Digital Hybrid Wireless® is a revolutionary design that combines digital audio with an analog FM radio link to provide both outstanding audio quality and exemplary, noise-free RF performance.

Using a patented algorithm to encode 24-bit digital audio information in the transmitter into an analog format, the encoded signal is then transmitted over an analog FM wireless link.

At the receiver, the signal is then decoded to restore the original digital audio. This process eliminates compandor artifacts and produces an audio frequency response flat to 20 kHz.

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